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I have a 4th Gen Camry, Auto 2.2L.

I do moderate acceleration (ie shift around 2,000 rpms). I don't jack rabbit at all. I noticed when I drive 40mph, my rpms at 2,000 (i don't think its in top gear). I would think it should be lower since I have driven 95 Accord 2.2L SOHC and it rpm is around 1500rpms at 40mph at top gear (4th)

Furthermore, my OD i think kick on at 55 mphs. Does this sound right?

I would like to know at which speed does it shift from

1 -> 2
2 -> 3
3 -> OD

Keep in mind, I slowly accelerate to my desire speed.


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Mine's a gen4.5 2.2L auto. I don't floor it but I don't baby it by any means. Shifts at 15-20 MPH, 35-40 and 50-60. Usually close to 3K RPM. I treat my '92 the same and it's at 237K but I just replaced a shift solenoid.
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