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97 UK Rav4 remote reprogramming help req

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Could someone help me reprogramme my fob!!

I've got a '97 UK Rav4 which is fitted with TVSS IIIB alarm system. When I bought the vehicle s/h it's alarm was (presumably) deactivated. I was given only a couple of keys but no remote fob.

I bought a fob from ebay which according to the manual was the right shape - but I don't know if it will "talk" to my system.

The alarm ECU is under the dash. It doesn't have any buttons - only a small trim dial (for sensitivity?)

The alarm LED is by the handbrake and has never lit up.

I tried endless searches on the net and forums such as this and performed a whole bunch of wierd door-opening-key-slotting-button-pushing routines... but to no avail.

Please, any ideas?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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