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97 Wont pass NYS inspection

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Hey guys
My wife has a 1997 v6 Camery 78,000 miles
the check engine light came on. I pulled the codes and had a misfire on cyl 6. I replaced the plug and cleared the codes... again the check engine light came on with a bad oxgen sensor. replaced that cleared the codes again.
we have now put over 500 miles and it wont ready the oxgen sensor, Catalyst, or Evap System. All i need is one to ready and i can pass.

any of you guys have any idea on how to ready these sensors?
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any of you guys have any idea on how to ready these sensors?

Are you still getting the oxygen sensor CEL? The V6 has one oxygen sensor for each cylinder bank, and also one post-cat oxygen sensor. ... as I recall. Maybe you didn't replace the defective sensor ... in the other cylinder bank.
I'm not getting the light on the dash if thats what you mean.. my reader is telling me "not ready" its not giving me a code...Ive been told on another forum that i might need to put over 1000 miles before it readys the sensors... which at this rate my inspection is going to be over 2 moths old!
There has got to be an easier way!!!
I have an 03 V6 Camry .... when I disconnected the battery ... it only took 15 or 20 miles before there was sufficient data recorded to get the state inspection.... Not sure about your model, but I think 1k is way too much.
Yeah tell me about it... this car is becoming a pain in my arse... i tried disconnecting the battery... its like stuck at the "not ready"... ive even tried my buddies odb reader to see if that would help..still no good. about ready to bring it to the stealership
Which brand of O2 sensor did you install? I have heard stories about these cars being brand sensitive .... Denso or Toyota are usually recommended.
yeah I heard that.. I used denso... Ive also replaced the one I replaced thinking maybe I got a bad one...
If you aren't getting any specific codes... it is difficult to know what to look at.
yeah I know the only thing it reads is "Not Ready" on the oxgen sensor, Catalyst, or Evap System... all I need is one to get some sort of information... give me a old 60's or 70's car anyday..
I don't know if this would work or not but I'd try to reinstall the original O2 sensor and clear the memory. If your original CEL code comes back you have a pretty good idea that the system is OK and the new O2 sensor is bad. If you get the "not ready" message again then maybe there is something (per your post "oxgen sensor, Catalyst, or Evap System") else that needs to be considered and the new O2 sensor is probably good. I'm not real sure about my logic but it feels right.

thats not a bad idea....ill give it a shot
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