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97'Front Susp/Creaking Noises Back.New Tokicos

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Update : I Have About 5,000 miles On The New Parts..

After Installing (4) New Tokico Blue Struts

And New Toyota Upper Strut Mounts,New Dust Boots On Struts Etc.

( I Have Re-Torqued All Nuts To Specs)

The New Tokicos Give A Nice Firm / Controlled Ride

BUT... Now The NEW Front Strut Mounts Are Creaking Like a MoFo ...

Really Frustrating...

How About Our "Toyota Master Techs" ? Any Ideas ?

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did you installed it with the arrow that says out pointing to your wheel?
btw.. i just installed my tokicos.. and it handles much better than stock.. during corners there are only a little bit of roll ( i think this was caused by my stock tires, 70 profile :( ) and it handles bumpy road very well too.. as for noise, i used the old strut mounts and its doesnt creak.. maybe i have to wait till it hits 5000 miles
are the springs properly seated on the shock?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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