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98 3.4L Exhaust Size

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Does anyone know the stock exhaust size on my 98 Tacoma 3.4L V6 ext cab 4x4? I am replacing the muffler. Thanks. -Rudi
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Thinking of buying a magnaflow muffler for my 01 V6.

Which part number is the one that fits my truck:

It depends on how deep you want your muffler to sound. IIRC, the longer the muffler the deeper the sound. Just get one that is 2.5" in/out and center/center.
Thanks humanoid.

All right 2.5in and out for my 01. In the 98 was 2.25inches in and out right?

So its center / center. Are u sure about this?? Pipes underneath the truck dont like they are centered , the one out of the muffler looks higher than the one that goes in.

Check out the enlarge image of the muffler that borla provides to see what I am talking about

As for the muffler size, I want it as close as it is stock. So 4x9 in -body length 14in- or the 5x11 -body length 22 inches-..... ? Searching for the cat-back exhaust info in the magnaflow page found that is a 5x8x14 inches muffler, so I think that answers my question and the one to choose is the 4x9 oval muffler with a 14inches body lenght, correcto?

By the way, have u heard such a setup in person? (magna muffler on a V6)
HUMANOID still waiting for your answer fellow!

U sure its center center?? Doesnt look like it!

5x8x14 is the stock size of the muffler?

On my 6 cyl it was center/center IIRC, I sold my truck so I can't double check. Not sure about the stock sizing though, sorry.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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