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I am looking for a picture or description of the wire connections to the under-hood, fuse box in a 1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited with the 3.4l six cylinder engine. I am specifically interested in the connections to the 60A (ABS) and 100A (ALT) fuses. Both fuses are male and are bolted into the fuse box front and back. Looking at the fuse box from the front, the 60A (ABS) is on the far left, the 100A (ALT) is next to it on the right. Can anyone show or explain were the white lead from the positive battery terminal to the fuse box is connected? According to the wiring diagram from the factory service manual for a 1996 Tacoma (should be the same engine) and my memory, it appears the white lead connects to the front side of the 100A (ALT) terminal. The wiring diagram indicates the 100A (ALT) fuse and the 60A (ABS) run in parallel. If this information is correct, does it really matter to which of these two fuses the white lead from the battery connects? Second, a white/red striped lead and purple lead both appear to connect to the back of the 100A (ALT) fuse. Finally, it appears a black lead connects to the back of the 60A (ABS) fuse. Any discussion/verification would be appreciated. An actual picture displaying the proper connections would be great. A picture of the fuse box is here. It is flipped over so the view is upside down (bottom is back; top is front).

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The ones that bolt down are fusible links.
Looking at the same (probably) diagram I see what you describe.

It looks like the 30A AM2 link, 120A ALT link, 20A EFI, 15A Dome fuse, 15A Horn/Haz fuse, 60A ABS fuse, and the Headlight Relay all feed directly from the heavy white wire from the battery.

If the common point for all of those is a metal buss bar it should not matter which spot the batt wire connects to, but the 120A link would be the best spot if possible. If any of them are inter-connected by wire, you don't want to connect there.

The diagram does show a black wire going from the other side of the ABS fuse to 2 terminals of the ABS ECU.

I didn't see a white/red or purple wire, but I didn't have time to check all 46 pages of the diagram.
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