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98 Avalon XL CD Player needed

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Anyone have a 98 avalon cd player that they aren't using anymore? I will buy it.
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I have the stock XLS one that I am about to replace. You're probably better off buying an aftermarket one though.
My car was totaled and I installed an aftermarket one but I took it out and now State Farm wants the original cd player or they are going to charge me for it not being in their. I can't find mine bc I replaced it 7 years ago when I bought the car. POS state farm
When they pay you for a total loss, they get the vehicle and you get the money. You don't get to strip valuable parts from the vehicle before turning it over.

I hate the way most insurance companies operate, but here it seems like you're trying to get over on them, and calling them names because they won't let you.
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