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98 bumper on 92???

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friend wants to kno if there is a way to rig a gen 4 camry front body kit bumper on a 92? if there is plz tell so he will buy my front bumper :thumbup:
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with lots of cutting, fiberglass and bondo, i'm sure its possible

but i sure as shit wouldn't buy a gen4 bumper for my 92...
And if it was done, all that bondo will be fine in the begginning. But your probably gonna use a lot and it will start to crack and chip BIG time.
ic ic
an ES300 conversion would be easier...

infact, pretty much bolt on...
hmm..i think the body would look funny with it. wouldn't match the contours of the more rounded gen3 too well.
I hope your not talking about me:eek:
Cause I never said I wanted it.

Who is this anyways? And how much crack do they smoke?

That would be an insane job. Because the mounts are entirely different. And the overall body shape doesn't match up. It would be easier to have one of a similar design made for his car.
like transferring a '99 corolla bumper to it. >_<
yea doubt it can happen unless a whole lotta work, guess gotta find someone else to buy my bumper :(

no not u smokingtires lol :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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