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98 Camry Electrical Gremlin?

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A friend of mine is having a problem with her car. She said that yesterday her car started, but nothing worked. The Windows, Radio, A/C, interior lights and etc... And since the Shift Lock wouldn't release, she couldn't move the shifter either. When my buddy went to check out the car, everything worked just fine and she drove home. But today this morning she had the same problem. (Yeah I know I think its her too... :p: J/K) So her father called their mechanic, and according to the mechanic, its the "chip"... Some kind of chip that would cost them $350 in parts. He's not charging any labor...

Here's what I don't like... I don't think there is any "chip" that controls the power windows, or the non-automatic temperature control. I think its the ignition switch, or power to the ignition switch

What do you fellas think? Do you have any idea what else it could be? :confused:
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I think you might be on the right track because if you notice what happens when you turn the key to the starter position, power is usally cut to most (not all) other circuits in the car while the engine is cranking... It could also be a relay.
So there isn't any sort of "chip" that controls the power, is there? :mad:
no "chip" that controls everything. like es250 said it might be a relay or the ignition switch
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