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98 Camry LE - $6995 - good deal

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I have found another dark green 1998 Camry LE that I am considering. It has 84K actual miles and is in excellent conditions. They (car lot) are asking $6995. According to KBB it is a bit steep, but have seen some on E-Bay more than this. Thanks for any advice/information.
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Guess not.... thanks anyway. :rolleyes:
Sounds good to me! Looks over the key problem areas for Gen4. Tell tale sludge motor signs (v6's had alot of problems w/that), suspension creaks and groans (strut mounts). Look at tires, brakes, timing belt & water pump. Good luck. Let us know if you're successful.
I just gave my 99 le v6 to my fiance. It has 82k and drives like a champ! Best car I ever had. Maybe you can talk them down some. good luck!
compare prices with similar cars at Don't forget to have the car inspected by your mechanic before signing. Good luck.
Sounds good to me. I paid 8k for my 01 with 60k miles on it. Something like that at least.

I was going to pay 11k for a 00 the day before that but LUCKILY the salesperson went home early that day. I went home to think about it... decided I was going to get it, called up there to tell her to go ahead and start getting it fueled up and cleaned. They said she'd already gone home for the day.... later that day I had my 01!

I pay $225 a month for the car.... $358 a month on insurance :lol: My record is f*cked!
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