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98 corolla question

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I am very new to this forum so hopefully i am doing this correctly. I have a 98 corolla with the check engine light on. I took it to a mechanic to get a reading from the computer. They said it was some kind of emissions code that set the sensor off but couldn't find anything wrong with the hoses and things. Its been four days and the check engine light has come on again. It is running fine but I still am taking it in again to get looked at.

I would love some help on what could possibly be the problem and what questions I should be asking and about how much I should be paying. If any one has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate the help!!!:)
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I have the same problem.
Last time I took my car to the dealer, and do the check out.
They told me that is known problem about 98-00 corolla, and it should not effect anything. They just reset my car's computer and it's fine.
After that, that egine check light has been on one time, but it went off after 2 days. I think your car is just fine.
What is the code your getting?

I recently had my cluth replaced and when the re-installed everything they crossed up two wires that caused the engine light to come on. Have you done any work to this lately?
I took it back in. Basically something in my engine was causing a pressure fluctuation. It wasn't really hurting anything but it would always cause my check engine light to come on. I'm having a canister purge celloid or something to that extent replaced tomorrow. This has been the first thing that has gone wrong with my car and I just freaked out and got nervous:) Thanks for your responses. It is kind of nice to have other corolla owners to share information with, or in my case learn from.

Thanks again!
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