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"99" 4Runner Fog Lights

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My "99" 4Runner, if you look under the front bumper were the light wirring harness is it looks like it's already wired for the fog lights, that wire is taped to the running light wire. I checked the manual it says there's a fuse insert for the fog lights under the hood, it's there just needs a fuse. Does this mean all I need are lights, a fuse, and a switch to hook them up?

Someone mentioned a relay, not sure if it's required or not, or if it's already there where do I look for it?

One guy told me the trucks (96-02) that came with fog lights the control was on the turn signal handle, if I could find one with the switch on it all I need to do is remove the steering column cover and replace the handle it's already set up to plug in?

Has anyone checked this out before?
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Installation of Fog lights

I did the same thing only I installed my fog lights and used an accessory fuse that was ign only. Then I put a swich in the knockout to the left of the driver right abouve the fuse panel. That way I was able to use my foglights with or without my headlights.
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