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99 Avalon speaker installation

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I just got my 99 Avalon and I an tryin to put in new speakers in teh doors but......I can seem to figure out how to get to it. Does teh grill over the speakers just come off or are there any hidden screws I have to take out?
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You have to take off the door panel. There will be some screws along the lower edge of the door. There should also be some screws like in the door handle and armrest that you will have to find and remove. On the side of the door there will be an anchor screw that will need to be popped out. Once you have all the screws out you will have to pull on the panel, you will feel the clips pop. Once you have the panel loose you will have to roll down the window and pull up on the entire panel till it pops up. Also you will have to remove the power windows and lock panels. This is how it is on my camry, it should be pretty much the same way.
Ok so i took out all teh screws and the anchors but i cant get to to come off teh door. I dont want to put too much pressure on the panel because I dont want to break it. How hard to I have to pull for it to pop off?
Im not too fimiliar with the exact design for the avalon. Do you have the tweeter housing in the door or on the pillar. If on the pillar I think that also has to be taken out. The door panel should slide up with a good amount of force but you might have more screws in or you haven't seperated the panel from the door yet.
Have you taken out the power window and doorlock panel, as well as the door handle panel?
How do I go about taking the window and panel out?
They should pop out, then you disconnect the connector. Not sure if you meant take the window out but you don't, just roll it down.
Ok I'm going to have to try that tommoroww, I'll let you know how I make out.
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