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99 camry clock won't work

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I have a 1999 Camry LE with a clock that doesn't work. It doesn't seem like it's a fuse problem because everything else electrical works fine! Is there any way to check wiring to the clock without removing the dashboard?? Is there anything else to check to get this clock working again??? Thanks for any help!!!

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Have you actually checked the fuse? If not, that would normally be the first step. The clock usually shares the dome fuse.
I didn't check it but I will now! I assumed because the dome light and everything else electrical was working that the fuse was fine. Going to check right now! Thanks!
Fuses are all okay...battery is fine...clock came on today for about 1 minute then went off again...seems like a loose wire or short is likely. Is there any way to remove the clock or get at the wires without removing the dash???
The clock in my Camry was doing that the last couple years; going out and coming back on randomly. I picked one up on eBay for about 10 bucks and replaced it. It's not too hard to remove the instrument bezel to get access to it. Takes me about an hour to take it out and put it back in. There's a good DIY thread for replacing the "D" light bulb (click the link below) showing how it comes out. I'd guess your '99 is very similar, if not identical.


After the bezel is out, you'll see two screws on the inner side holding the clock. The dealer price for that silly clock is about $150.
thanks for the info and the link BMR...I'm pretty sure I won't be buying a clock from a dealer but I might be willing to try the instrument panel removal if it doesn't look too bad. Thanks again!!
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