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Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Several months ago, using an inexpensive 12V plug-in inflator in the extra
dashboard power outlet the inflator shorted out. I didn't immediately notice
that the dash power outlet I'd used, below the cigarette lighter, went dead

I've pulled and checked the specific dash 15V fuse with a meter. It tested
With the ignition on I checked the cigarette lighter and got 12V, when I
tested the power outlet there was no response. I also tried a known good
(tested) power cable plugged into the power outlet but there was no meter

On visual exam I noticed that the center contact of the power outlet wasn't
very substantial; also that the adapter cylindrical shell pulled about half
way out of the housing, almost like it was designed to extend half way out.
Perhaps an open circuit at the outlet?

Is there any type of fusible link between the adapter and the fuse? How big
a deal is it to change out the outlet unit? Do these units simply rotate
and pull out or is it necessary to disassembly part of the dash board?

Any additional troubleshooting advice would be appreciated.While this power
outlet looks like a cigarette lighter, neither it nor the cigarette lighter
been used to light cigarettes.

As an interim fix I'll use the home made alligator clip cable I made for my
non-lighter receptacle '89 Toyota truck that did the job for 17+ years and
take auxiliary power directly from the battery.

Been burned by
Murphy's Law too many too many times in the past ... all things being in
your favor,,,,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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