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99 Camry idling real low

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The engine idles as though it may die. It's at about 400 rpms. I was thinking maybe a tune-up will help. I did the plugs and pcv valve and air filter. Didn't quite do it. It still is idling like it's going to die.

I'll probably do fuel filter and wires soon. No check engine lights or nothing. The other 99 camry we have just starts right up and is strong. I don't know what' wrong.

Considering doing seafoam through the fuel induction system. and cleaning off the valvebody. Anybody got suggestions?

I'm thinking it may have to do with IACV.
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have you tried adjusting the timing (assuming you got a 5s).
I thought about it, but timing shouldn't change so I'm assuming that the problem is being caused by something else. I think I'd like to take care of whatever is the cause of the low idle.

Why do you suggest adjusting the timing?
might be the fast idle or something try cleaning out the throal and look for a little hole to try and clean out at the bottom from the intake. there a picture somewere on this fourm i cant find it
I did that this morning. But it seemed to be ok even before I started working on it. I could hear the whoooosh. I take that as a good sign. Hopefully it'll never come back.

Thanks guys.
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