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99' Camry Start then dies Problem

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Hi I'm new and I've been having the same problem quite a few times now. When I start the car it starts up but then quickly dies, if I try again same thing happens it starts then dies really fast. It just doesnt want to stay started at idle speed. I seems like its the fuel pump or somthing thats not pumping fuel by itself to keep the car alive. I can start it and then quickly spet on the gas and keep my foot there to keep it running but when I let off it dies again.

So I decieded to call the tow comapny to tow it back to the dealer to get it fixed (* I bought the 7 year extended waranty*) but when the guy came he said this happens daily... he gets 2 cars a day and he said he'll fix it and the problem wouldnt return for like years usually. So he loosened the gas cap and tightened it back and then started it and reved the engine like what I did for like 5 mins and it worked! and said it shouldnt return... but it has... like 4 times already. and each time if i do the same trick I can get it to run fine just like normal but the problem returns. The Two truck driver said if I take it to the dealer all they will say is its fine, theres no problem cuz they can do the same thing and jsut give the car back to me.

Anyone know whats going on? Any suggestions to fix it? Its still under the 7 year extended warranty so I want to get it fixed before that goes away. My problem seriously doesnt sound normal to me.

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i revved mine to 4k rpm and it didnt die.. similar problem as yours.. sometimes it does that sometimes it doesnt.. kinda random.. i dont know why either.. i cleaned the IAC.. doesnt really help
Ya its random... but its not suppose to happen i'm pretty sure. Hoping someone has had the same problem and gotten it fixed and know whats going on.
I had the same problem and had my Idle Air Control Valve replaced.
Humm this sounds like the same problem too and they too replaced the Idle Air Control Valve...
You didn't mention if you own a 4-cyl or V6, but those are the symptoms of a stuck IAC valve. If you don't want to take it in for service, it's easy to clean, takes about 30 minutes and an old toothbrush + dollar's worth of carb cleaner.

The solenoid that controls the airflow gets gummed up and sticks, preventing it from opening. Once you reach operating temperature is, the "gum" is less viscous and the car will idle without having to keep your foot on the gas. Basically, you use the carb cleaner to loosen up and remove the deposits that are causing the solenoid to stick.

KoboChan: Have you tried removing the entire IAC assembly and cleaning it? I've done the "spray and pray" method and it didn't work for me. After I removed it and cleaned it out thoroughly, car starts like a champ every time.
Oh sorry. I have a 6 cyln. but I wouldnt even know where to start. I dont even know how the IAC Valve looks like. I'm wondering if thats the problem or if its a bad IAC Valve. I called the dealer and they said if its a bad IAC Valve they can replace it free with the extended waranty but if its just clogged then I would have to pay for the cleaning.
sorry to bump this but I've been having the same problem and its completely random, tonight when I left bestbuy it idled like crap but once I gave it gas it smoothed out but was fine. any suggestions?
sorry to bump this but I've been having the same problem and its completely random, tonight when I left bestbuy it idled like crap but once I gave it gas it smoothed out but was fine. any suggestions?
It is hard to diagnose your problem without knowing what kind of vehicle you drive: engine, transmission, mileage, year.

I recommend you post in the appropriate year forum. This way you will get more attention and information there.

For starters I would verify that there is no vacuum leaks, make sure your spark plug wires are in good conditions.

How about your spark plugs?

Was the throttle body ever cleaned?

Good luck,
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2.2 auto 151k ish 99. I cleaned the iac a few years ago but I'm going to do it again. I just a iac gasket from the dealer. I'm going to clean it tomorrow
I am also having problems starting my 1999 Camry V6 after it has been sitting for a while. Basically, I have to crank the engine 8-10 times, for 30 seconds at a time, and I have to pump the gas a lot or it will never start. And when it does start it sputters and dies if I take my foot off the gas and the whole process begins again. Sigh...some mornings it take me 20 minutes to get the car started.

After running for five minutes or so all is good: it doesn't die anymore and starts up with just 5-10 seconds of cranking, which is fine. (It's never been a quick starting car.)

This has been going on for a while. Any suggestions?
Once again - post the question in the appropriate forum and you will get more ideas on how to diagnose your problem. 4th generation looks like an appropriate forum for your car.

For starters try to scan your car for trouble codes. If your car has been sitting for a while it might be just bad gas.

Good luck,
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