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9th Annual Toronto Meet Update - Legendary Motor Cars

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Toronto Supra Club and 9th Annual Canadian Supra Appreciation Day information available at:

OK folks, the fun has begun, and plans are falling into place. The 9th annual Toronto Supra Appreciation Day team has confirmed a tour of LMC from 11am-1pm on Saturday August 21.

Ever seen Dream Car Garage on Speed (formerly speedvision)? This is the place the filming is done. Classics, Muscle, Race, Rods...the rarest of the rare, they have it all, and in jaw dropping condition (No, you can’t test drive one…and if you can I call dibs :) ).

There is a catch (isn't there always). Due to logistics, we can only tour 40 people that day, so the first 40 to sign up are the lucky few to catch a glimpse of history in fully restored and original condition.

Sign up early for this one kids. 40 is a pretty limited number given typical meet turnouts.

We will take the first 40 who reply, and will review the list nearer to the meet date to confirm that everyone signed up is still attending. I don't intend to let a single space of the 40 go to waste.

To sign up, follow the above like to the TSC Meet forum, and head on into the Events Section. Also be on the lookout for Hotel information that should be posted this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Keep an eye on the site for events listings and information as it becomes available and hope to see you there in August.

Bob Grieger
Events Director
Toronto Supra Club
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