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2005 Corolla CE with Tein H Tech lowering springs.

Let me give some contexts here. When I was looking for a spring set I wanted to retain a somewhat factory look and feel but tighten up those two areas. My car is a daily driver that hauls my family around so looking for a stiff wheels tucked in the fenders set-up wasn't for me.

Initially I was eyeing the Eibach Pro Kit. It's hard to judge the pictures online for ride height and was wary that the subtle drop (to maintain the somewhat factory look) would be too subtle. In addition, there are reports online that read the Eibachs are stiffer than the OEM CE/LE spring rate. Then I found the Tein H Tech. The drop is 1.7" up front and 1.8" in the rear. It is in between The Eibach 1" drop and the 2 point something of the Tein S Tech. Now, I have to admit the drop is about a 1/2" lower than the "factory look" I was going for but it reminds me of the wheel gap for a 2007 Civic.

The initial quality on the springs are great. The 9th gens (as you know) have a fairly stiff ride for CE/LE. It's about the same stiffness but the edge is taken off (if that makes sense). The car doesn't squat when accelerating and nose dive is kept in check. I feel that the springs make the car somewhat snappier like a phone update that opens your apps a little (but noticeably) quicker. The Corolla CE is not sports car but there is a noticeable difference in lateral movement, breaking and acceleration.

This is only the first week but so far I'm happy with the results.
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