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a bed for Tacoma 1996

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Helllo all,
I have a '96 Tacoma short bed and my truck got hit and run last week. The damage is not that bad, in my opinion, but the body shop told me that I would need to replace the whole bed. The cost for the bed is high and my budget is limited. A local Toyota dealer gives me a price quote of $2600 for the whole bed, unpaint.

Could some one here please tell me where I can find a Used bed for my pickup? I am living in San Jose, California.

Is there any alternative for a bed? Is there any shope which sell truck bed?

The last question: what kind of bed can be fit into a '96 Tacoma?
Someone told me that Tacoma from 1996-2000 has the same bed, is this True.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Nobody Know? Is this a wrong forum?
i'm not sure on what beds can fit on to your truck but try and find a company called keystone automotive they sell after market parts for cars and trucks these are new parts and for some of the junk yards i seen it actualy a better deal buying from them. also you can try calling every junk yard you can find in your phone book
you could also try they may be able to help you out
Thanks for the hint 96tacoma. I just called them and they do have a 2000 bed. But the price is too much, $1800.

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