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A Brief History Behind TN

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As Written By Phi

September 2000: Toronto Toyota Camry Club
TN has humble beginnings with a young Camry owner by the of name of Dickson Ly. It started back in early 2000 when Dickson created a personal website. His objective was to to proudly showcase his 1996 Camry and document it's transformation as he planned to modify and enhance it over time. Through online interactions with other Camry owners, he was surprised to learn that there were other Camry owners that shared the same dreams. This love affair was the foundation for the Toronto Toyota Camry Club (TT-CC). With that, was concieved and continues to this day.

April 2001: Toyota Showoff
The club quickly grew from 6 members to 25 local Camry owners. The strong support for the club prompted Dickson to take his club further and organize an informal all Toyota show called "Toyota Showoff" held at DonValley North Lexus Toyota with the co-operation of the dealership. This was an open call to the general public that owned Toyotas. The show gave owner the opportunity to network and simply get together and socialize. The show was a success and response was overwhelming to say the least. Over 60 people attended to proudly display their Toyotas and enjoy the company of others who shared similar interests. You can get a glimpse of what the show was all about here;

July 2001: Birth of TN
After the overwhelming success of "Toyota Showoff" Dickson had a "light bulb" moment. It was obvious to him that there was a void in the automotive enthusiast community. More specifically, there weren't any clubs catering to Toyotas, let alone based in Canada. He had enough foresight to capitalize on this opportunity and created for the sole purpose of providing Toyota lovers a platform to learn from each other and centralize resources. Not to his surprise, TN was met with open arms and quickly grew once again.

Jan 2003: TN facelift
As TN continued to gain membership, the administrators felt it was time to make a few changes in an order to make the discussion forums more stable and user friendly. The administrators worked feverishly to update the look of TN and added more functionality to the site and make it what it is today.

Mar 2003: TN Chat Room
In order to reach new members and provide exisiting members a different discussion environment, TN established a live chat room. This added a live element to the community that allowed members to get an even more real time interactive experience while online.

TN now boasts over 4000 registered members worldwide ranging in age, sex, ethnicity, profession etc... and continues to attract new members daily. Some of the near future plans include yet another facelift, adding more conent and information. There are also already plans to attend several large car shows this summer in an effort to make TNs presence undisputed and perhaps have some fun to.

The above timeline doesn't really do TN justice. TN is more than just a car site. It's become a tightly knit community and has a significant role in the lives of many of our members. It's not only a place to talk "cars" but also has other community elements intertwined within it and I'm proud to call it my "home". I hope this gives you an idea of how much dedication and pride is behind TN and how much it has grown in a brief period of time. We've made significant impact on the local scene and maintain close ties with other local model specific Toyota clubs and intend to continue to expand our presence.