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A/C blowing hot

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It has been converted to 134A.Just kept filling it up whenever it is not blowing cold.Tried it but now and it isnt cold, but blowing hot air.What do I have to change:Compressor maybe?(there is no spinning sound like when A/C switch is on.:(
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check fuse and confirm not blowing hot when ac not engaged.
How was the conversion done?

I would bring it to an a/c specialist - they will tell you whats wrong, get a quote and shop parts. Or if the price is good - have them do it.

Many conversion failures I have read about here :(
Frequent problem with r134 retrofits is when o-rings are not changed. R12 is thicker than r134. If you keep the r12 o-rings with r134 your charge will just leave much quicker.
Have you checked the charge : is it enough ? Another possible problem is that you put TOO MUCH charge : if that occurs the symptoms will be the same as for a low charge : hot air
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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