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a/c blowing white stuff

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My son driving today in 85 degree, humid weather with a/c on for a while. It then starts to blow what he described as white stuff that looked like steam from the vents. He said it was really cold. He shut it off, then after about 2 hrs turned it back on and no white stuff.

Did a/c system freeze? And thus was blowing minute chunks of frozen air? What if anything needs to be done?

Car is a '94 Camry, 4cyl, auto with 120K miles. Bought it only a week ago.


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Maybe the car was blowing refridgerant and there's a leak? I have no idea, just that suggestion.
Maybe the car was blowing refridgerant and there's a leak?
That'd be my guess. I'd take it to a shop and have the a/c system checked. You can probably do this yourself, but considering the health hazard of the refridgerant, I'd rather let someone else do it (I THINK it's not safe....)
That is the humid air. My honda does the same thing, it maybe a little low on R-134a. If you want to fill it, the pressure should be 25-40 psi on the low side while the rpm is about 1500.
Thanks folks...these forums are gr8. The car was scheduled to be checked by my mechanic on Friday anyway. I'll just give him the headsup. When it comes to a/c refridgerent I don't want to mess with it myself.

im pretty sure that sounds like a condensor problem, my uncles van did that and it was just water vapor, make sure the condensor doesnt start leaking though and none of the lines freeze
i dont think it's a problem at all my dad did ac work for a living all it is the cold air from the a/c is mixing with humid air in the car and the humid air in the car is condensing. also if he had it set to out side air the compressor shuts off at points to keep the coils from freezing thats when the humid air might of also came in.
it's not a problem. it happens by chance (seeing the white air) depending on the air and temperature.
I dont think its a problem, my car does it too, only when its really humid out. Its like a mini fog machine!

- Paul
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