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A/C fuse keeps blowing, worked great until now

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Hey there,

I've got a 1990 sr-5 with a v-6. The a/c fuse blew a couple days ago and everytime I replace the 10a fuse it blows at the push of the a/c switch. Is this a known problem in these vehicles? Any help would be appreciated...thanks.
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Time for a compressor clutch my friend! When the clutches get old/weak they draw more current than the circuit allows.
Thanks FlatRate Tech, good to know. Think it will blow a 30a fuse? J/K:headbang:

I've got a 93 Camry with a good compressor and clutch, but I see they run on different type belts and are slightly different compressors as well. Can the pulleys on those clutches be exchanged? If so, that would save me a small bundle of cash and the parts are already at hand...

If anyone knows, many thanks in advance,

Cool air....

Well I figured the clutch swap would be a pita with the different pulleys involved so I popped a 25amp fuse in place of the 10amp and the A/C works well once again. I know it's not the proper fix, but nothin is smokin so far and it was hot as Haiti today....cheers!

You are very lucky that nothing is smokin. If I were you I would replace that compressor clutch or you migtht have more problems than you would like. Like a rewire job and new components.
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