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A/c leak

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SO i got a local shop diagnose my a/c system..he ran some tests and told me that the system doesn't have any big leaks.. so he filled up the system with r134a (cost $120)..i was so glad when the a/c started working, coz we've been having a pretty hot summer:eek: ... that was 4days ago...

now i turned on the a/c and it doesn't blow that cold anymore..before the mechanic sealed the opening for recharging the a/c, he sprayed some stuff in it, and he told me i would find out where the leak is when i see green marks on the system..sure enuf after 4days,i see green stuff right on the condenser..there's a big circle that looks like it's wet and green stuff in the middle..

do i have to replace the ac condenser?or can i get away with a quick repair?
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It seems like condenser failure is common issue with the Camry:)
Is there any sign of impact like from the stone near the area of the leak?
I am going to get a used one for my car (due to the age /condition) of the car
I can speculate that the mechanical stress and internal pressure causes stress cracks to develop in the condenser, provided there no impact damage is present at the leak site.
My 79 Supra had badly abused condenser (someone hit it with screwdriver few times, yet it never developed leaks)

i don't think still looks intact..but like you's bcoz of the age..i looked at it from the top of the hood, and the leak is at the top left side of the condenser..

i'd like to try and replace the condenser's just that it still has some r134a in it and it's better if it's removed professionally..just don't know how much it would cost me to get it fixed..not in a hurry though coz winter is almost upon us here :thumbsup:
Mine was leaking at the top corner at passenger side
I installed the used one without disconnecting the radiator or grille removal, however I had to remove passenger side cooling fan and get radiator off its mounts.
what's the easiest step by step way to replace the condenser?:confused:
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