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a/c water evap drain hose maybe leaking in car..

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edit: nevermind,, I was dumb, I found some answers while doing a search in these froums and found some ideas. it was late and I am frustrated..

1993 Camry a/c evaporator case drain hose maybe loose off of case and leaking qwater/condensation into the car on the right floormat..

is there and easy way to check it in this mode. I have a 1989 Corolla and I know where th hose is and how to get to that, but not sude about the Camry.. take off the plastic case below the glove compartment and find the hose on the connector and check it?

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Somewhere in this forum, recently, there was a great post about this very thing. I think you need to pull back the passenger footwell carpeting back a bit (below the globe box), and you will see the hose that runs between your evaporator case and the floorboard. Most people said there was debris in the hose that they needed to clean out, and nothing leaked after that. You will have to do the searching to find this thread, but I'm pretty sure it was in this exact forum.
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