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Hi all. I'm new to the forums here.

I have a couple of questions to ask about my 88 Corolla GTS.

1st is.. Where is the best place to buy new shocks? I tried checking on Ebay and I can only find them being sold all 4 as separate buys..

2nd. I want to lower my car.. How far should I go being it is more of a daily driver.., meaning it needs to be able to go over speed bumps lol.

Any information would be really great.
I can't wait to start putting some time and effort into such a neat little car lol :)

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Tire rack still sells stuff for the Corolla... I was going to source out a pair of KYB AGX from the MR2s a while ago, but yeah they did have the KYB GR2's for the Corollas.

For lowering, get some Ground Control coilovers... from Ground Control, lol... about $400-500 or so.

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for a daily driver I'd really only go with eibach springs. most springs are too low for daily use on a corolla. the corolla has crap for front suspension travel.
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