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a exhaust guestion

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hey whats up everybody. i own a 89 corolla sr5 and i was woundering if anyone can give a me a idea on were to find a good performance header if so please let me know. thanks dan
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For an SR5?? I don't think there's any headers out there for it.. for a GTS would be easier, since there's pacesetter and KBD (I think.. not sure) but SR5's are like the ugly fat girls at the club.. nobody wants to touch them. :disappoin
thanks i found one from pacesetter that is not a bad price but i will keep looking and let you know
are the ge and fe that different that the header isn't interchangeable?
no, header isn't interchangeable..... the downpipne & midpipe don't match up at the cat..... trust me, i've tried...

anywho... there are 4a-fe headers out there.....
yes the pacesetter header and down pipe will not line up with the cat i would have to move it back or whatever. but thanks for helping me. thanks dan
It's not too hard to get a spacer, or hack the flange off the cat and weld it up so that it matches up to the header.

Just go ask your friendly exhaust shop (If you cannot weld it yourself) :D
4A-FE and 7A-FE header will bolt up. You may need to modify the down pipe and doesn't sounds like you'll mind at all ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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