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Okay i have my eyes set on the RMM GEN3.5 LIP and spoiler,but im not sure wat it will look like just with the lip.
What do you suggest? Just do the lip and spoiler?
Or... Get Side Skirts and a Back Bumper and possibly have to rehang my exhaust :(
Or... Get Lip and sideskirts but keep stock bumper to save the hassle of redoing exhaust

Thanks Guys

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just the front bumper looks pretty good... heres a pic on my car.

dont mind the unpainted fender, unpainted front bumper, and dirtyness.
my car is in a sorry state right now. actually the motor is half taken apart cause i am putting new MLS head gaskets in instead of the old compositon POS's, and there is still some work to do on the turbo setup, not to mention the interior and exterior.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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