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Had a few questions. I've had my 98 corolla for at least 5 months now. It didn't come in the best shape but the brakes and the exhaust were replaced and everything was pretty fair. I recently have seen some changes in it. For one; it doesn't happen all the time but only when it rains or I drive through a puddle. The front passenger wheel area makes a low rumbling noise at first and progressively gets louder when I step on the gas. It'll continue for a while and then sometime it will go away. It mostly happens though if it's been raining out and I happen to drive through a puddle. I can't tell if it's the wheel bearings or something else.

My other question was what stops the bounciness of the car? When I go over bumps or whatnot, the car seems to have no stability. I can't describe it but it seems like I might need springs/struts/shocks. And like if I go over a pothole, even though I try to avoid them, when the wheel goes in then out, I can hear like a little clash of metal. I can't tell if that is coming from underneath or from the wheel area if I need new shocks and struts.

If anyone has any advice or knows what is happening, that would be great. I'd rather talk to people who own a toyota rather than deal with a mechanic who thinks I'm stupid. Thanks so much.
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