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A l'il help. My dash lights won't dim.

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Okay, so I wired up my foglights on the weekend, and everything went well. I used a different switch from stock, but I used the stock wiring. Now I'm having a problem with my dash lights. When I turn on my headlights, the dash doesn't dim, and none of the lights for things like the A/C controls, or my stereo dim. WTH?? Other than that, everything works fine. I checked the fuses related to guages, and they are fine. Does anyone know what I'm missing?
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I has a problem like this once. Check where you taped for the 12 relay and check the grounds. Something sounds like its backfeeding.
Yeah, I figured it out. The ground had a couple loose strands, and they were shorting out the system. This blew the taillights fuse. When I trimmed the strands and replaced the fuse, everything worked again.
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