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A little engine dress up, Thanks ASG14

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Adam found this ES300 engine cover for the Coupe. :D He'd knew I really wanted one, ever since i saw his.

I just so happen to have a sombraro to replace the Lexus "L". Also a few TRD emblems I hadn't found a use for, so I put one on the EBAY strut bar, and the other on the Radiator Cap.

Cheap EZ changes, the one's I like the most. :thumbsup:

Thought I'd share.



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Anyone else find it ironic that TRD seems like TURD abbreviated?

Anywhoo, Looks good Joe. You coming up for CPT?
I'm proud to Drive a Turd!!
:lol: Wasn't meant as an insult, I just find it funny ;)
..........wasn't taken as an insult...I've heard it before.:cool:

I probably won't make CP this year....been there the last 3, but its too early for me this time...May was a better time!:thumbsup:
looks really nice...
Oh I miss my Gen 3... :(

Looks good Joe!
So Adam needs to get me one of those for my Lara':thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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