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i got shoved into a truck the other day resulting in the driver fender being smashed in on the corner and that headlight pinned down. i'm fixing to tear the fender and headlight assembly out and start to reconstruct it. i've got all the body tools i need from hammers to dollys to an oxy/acceteline torch. so the problem isn't in tools or even lack of experience. the problem is i've never done anything with the body on a toyota or anything with pop-up headlights. so really this is broken into two questions.

first i need to get the fender off. so what all holds it on there could it be as simple as bolts under the hood, in the door jamb, and in the fender well? does anyone remember how many bolts were talking here?

next i need to get that headlight up. it's been bent towards the passenger sine an inch or two. so trying to get it to come up by turning the knob is out of question. i would just get the big crow bar out and pry it up but the light itself isn't busted and almost brand new. so how would i go about getting it up, or just the whole assembly off the car. i see the two bolts on top and possibly one or two under it. where are all the bolts at to get it off? this is becoming an absolute priority as i drive to work in the dark and the cops have already pulled me over once since tuesday and warned me.

anyone who can give me answers or atleast point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.
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