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'94 pickup 22re 2wd
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Hey everyone,
I love my 94 truck, eventhough its 2wd 4cyl. I have done a number of upgrades to it and planning to do a lot more... Sofar I have installed a custom air intake with a k&n cone, red top optima (which I managed to drain once already...), good set of spark plugs and wires with a new distributor, a new radiator (from performance radiator) and water wetter with the coolant to keep my engine running nice and cool and some rancho shocks...
The other upgrades that I plan on doing soon is getting a header from with a high flow cat and either a magnaflow or flowmaster exhaust (not decided yet), a tach, wider tires and wheels and a flex-a-lite black widow... I work from my truck, doing security, and so I plan to upgrade my interior... I already have XM roady2, which kicks ass, and a nice head unit and infinity speakers. I plan on getting an amp and a sub after I figure out where to put it since I have a std cab... Plus I want to get a touch screen indash flip up display to connect my ps2 and an onboard computer....

If there are any people reading this from the phoenix area with similar interests, feel free to contact me...
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