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A reminder... DX2 IS THIS WEEKEND!

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This is going to be one hell of a show guys. Canada's only true drifting exhibition of the year...for $25, you'll get more than your money's worth!

Come out and see the silly drifting madness!

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yah, u guys will see me there...
yea, are you guys gonna meet up before going there? I'm gonna try to come in a maxima :D
YsGuy said:
I'll be there... for free :)
for free of wat? urself? :eek:
There is an entrance cost, so I can only assume he meant "free" as in the entrance cost will be waived for him.
when are you guys planning to be there? 3pm sharp or later? :)
isn't it gonna be packed? I'm gonna be there before 3pm...
Well the show was tight... I was impressed by the side by side drifting... one guy actually smacked the wall :eek:
that was pretty intense driving....i was pretty impressed....makes me wanna watch initial d now....:lol:

too bad the skyline was too chicken to get on the track when we got there....:thumbdown
drag was fun but quite boring ahhahhaa, I won't go there again next year....
skyline 1000HP? it didn't sound like 1000 HP @ all....its power seem very competitive with other drags...

few of them has hit the wall not only 1, ehehhe

ps. show was :disappoin
The show was pretty sick, chunky bai and tanaka just ripped it, I loved the part when he did a 180 and took a picture, the guy is pure jokes :thumbup:

The drifting was amazing, the only down side is that there was so much time in between the runs....

btw, the skyline did run, but he just did a couple laps around the track, didn't drift or anything. But it was loud :thumbup:
I don't believe the track was long enough and angled enough to see the full potential of the 1000hp of that skyline.

And the audience booing, just because the owner didn't want to run his car, that was disappointing.

It was also pretty sad that not a lot of people acknowledged team orange (drift xtreme).

Other than that, great show.
^yea, I though they were biased towards signal (chunkie to be exact), kool roy (boy?) was amazing too, i loved the 180 he did in the pits.
i have no idea who is who, hahahha
yep the breaks were too long....; it was drawing too boring...
and the track is too small.....
Yea the drift xtreme team was really good as well. I'm guessing most of the crowd acknowledged the signal cars because they were the only two here last year. I guess they may have been a little jinxed though since they had major damage with two cars.

Does anyone know if they did another show after the one where the signal car crashed? I thought it was a lot better than last years. Apparently the skyline is the signal president's car and from up close it just looks too nice to drift, probably $$$ to fix a broken bumper with all that nice paint. Isn't it awd too? :p
probably cost them penyless, sure some of the sponser will cover that cost.. ;)
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