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a strange question: how much 4 springs weight?

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As I wrote in the subject I have this strange question:

Anyone know much does 4 springs weight? at least approximately?

Because i bought a complete set (4) in ebay, buy now i need to calculate the shipping in USPS, but the seller says that he don+t have a scales to weight it...

the spring set are 4 h&r 6 gen camry springs


ps: you can delete this post after I have the answer... it has no interest for the forum
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I would guess about 10-12 pounds per spring. So between 40 & 48 pounds total.
lucky for you, I just installed my H&R springs this past week and I was just packing up the factory springs to go to storage. The factory springs weigh 7.1lb each. The UPS label of the H&R box reads 35lb. So, that should give you what you need. Congrats on the purchase, I love my H&R springs, I sure you will too.

btw, a way to measure heavier things... use a bathroom scale
(digital works best), you get on and measure yourself to get your exact weight. Then hold the item you want to measure, for example one spring, then you'll get another weight. Take the measurement of you and the spring and subtract your weight, now you have the spring's weight.
now go fawk yourself.

What do you mean with this?!?!? do you mean go f++k yourself?!?!
What do you mean with this?!?!? do you mean go f++k yourself?!?!
That's my bad... I misread your remark. I have retracted my statement.
Since you started the thread, I think you can delete it. Check the options at the bottom of your first post.
HR sprigs for 5gen is 38LB calculated at UPS store
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