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a Turboed tC

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I don't know how old this is but Turbo Magazine did a feature on the tC and how they turboed it for IAS, there is some nice pics of the engine and turbo set-up.

Does anybody know if they ever did the part 2 to this article?

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very interesting article...

impressive as well. :thumbup: :thumbup:
They did this back in March for the IAS show in April.

I've been dieing to find out what happened to the tC
Hopefully it didn't blow up, cause if it did that would be bad for 2AZ owners who want boost...
thats awsome I would love to see the tc head to head one with t3/t4 and the other with Cent. SC system....would be very interesting to see each of the numbers and track times!
The TC along with the other Scions are really getting Toyota in the tuning spotlight.
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