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This video on Toyota dash repair shows the steps to redo dash vinyl using Joann fabric marine vinyl and then the thinner vinyl from hobby lobby. He shows all the mistakes too. Another alternative is dash caps that just glue over all of this besides dash wrapping.
I'm still figuring out which way I want to go on fixing my slightly cracked dashboard. If I were just to patch a small square area of 3x3 inches by going to the junkyard and cutting a piece of the dash for this size that matches the pattern and color, I wonder if i'd be able to cover the seams between the actual dash and the cutout piece that was glued in - the edges of the square. - with the vinyl repair kit.
one comment posted to video stated: Spray foam insulation continues to expand for weeks. It would produce high spots where the cracks were. There is an expanding foam called X30 for marine and aircraft applications that cures differently. It doesn't continue to expand. It could be sanded and it would maintain the shape.

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