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A warning about

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Without going into all the details I just wanted to offer a warning about I purchased a 22RE motor from them in early october and its now the end of December and my 95 Pickup is still not running. The motor was supposed to have a new high performance head and a fully rebuilt bottom end. In reality I got a defective head, and a basically untouched used block with used internals. After spending in excess of $1000 in labor and consumables plus $1850 for the motor I basically have nothing. While they have told me that they would help me thus far they have been less than helpful and very very unprofessional. Even if they do end up fixing everything in the end I would strongly suggest you avoid doing business with them.

Just out of curiosity, has anybody else had any experience with them good bad or otherwise?
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Another warning

Just to update this thread, I now finally have a working motor but this is hardly the end of this issue. At this point also known as APR Auto Care in Colorado Springs owes me $250 in labor and a core refund of $300. At this point I honestly expect them to screw me. I have called them dozens of time during which they have lied to me, screamed at me and hung up on me. The customer service guy is never in and he never calls me back.

I strongly suggest that you avoid / APR Auto Care in Colorado Springs so you don't end up like me!
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