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First off, hi :)

Name is Adam, and have been a Nissan guy my whole life, love them, but my best friend has a 22r Toyota 4wd 1984 that he loves.

He blew a head gasket :/ So I offered to help him get it all apart and back together. Took off the head, had a machine shop shave it and replace everything replaceable, put it back on and back together, and the truck would idle rough for 30 seconds or so before dying. Figured maybe it was the dizzy, so adjusted that and it was in fact a tooth off, but it was still running rough and the carb (a Weber 36 he had put on) was flooding. So cleaned the carb, replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump just for good measure, but the fuel pump was having a hard time going in, so I popped off the valve cover to see what was going on in there. Turns out it's just a weird fit... But that's not what's concerning. What's concerning is this was just chilling by the valves inside the engine... And I have no idea what it is. does anyone know what this is and what it means they it was just hanging out (right below where it is sitting on the valve cover)
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