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A windy day....

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that sucks man. Its hellua windy here too. I had to go out and secure a few items around the yard too.
sorry to see that happened...way windy here at the beach as well...just got finished installing the upper half of my GC grill.:clap:
No shit....the wind is crazy today in va. Trees down all over the place and a raging fire not far from here in Louisa Co. Be safe those in Va.

ouch! sorry to hear. hope your deductable isn't high. parking in the garage isn't an option?
that sucks for sure! I'm sorry!.... its not windy here but it is hot.. had to turn on the ac today
I have a two car garage, but it is packed full of useless items that we can't throw away. :rolleyes: I cut down several trees last fall, except one because it was too close to the power lines coming to the house. Guess I should've cut that one down too.
tell me about it im walkin out of Best Buy today up here in MA watchin shoppin carriages doin 30mph round the parkin lot....i almost had a heart attack
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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