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A131L 3SPD Help

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What a nightmare. I grenaded the differential on my 92 Rolla. I have been shipped 4 used transmissions. 1 Geo just rebuilt with a different bellhousing. 1 right one with the differential also grenaded. And incredibly junkyards have managed to ship me 2 A240E's from 88's. Nobody wanted there transmissions back for the cost of freight and I got all my money back. We decided to try and rebuild one from all the tranny's minus the 4spds.

I bought an overhaul kit to replace seals and the Geo transmission had a brand new rebuilt differential. Almost everything came from the Geo since it was just rebuilt and the hard parts are the same. I got new clutches and discs as well. New filter, gasket, ect. Valve body, TC and pump both came out of my transmission since nothing was wrong with them and we knew they worked correctly. The build was followed with a book as well as a fresh kid from transmission school.

We had the first test and we are getting very weird problems. From 0-15mph the transmission does nothing but slip in L, 1 and Drive. Past 15 mph the transmission is perfectly fine, shifts correctlys, downshifts correctly when passing someone, and reverse is perfect. Does anyone have any clue what this might be? Does anyone know the proper fill up for a drop of the pain and drain? Im hoping we are either short on fluid or filled to much. I thought it was 2.6 quarts but I could be wrong. Also, my wiring harness certainly does have the hookup for the electronic portion on the 4 speed. Is it possible since I have 2 laying here? I've heard a guy tried it but the transmission wouldn't shift gears? And as another fail safe, is it possible to swap a 5spd in this beast? Thank you for anyone taking the time to help me out.
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You can swap in a 5spd.

I think that tranny holds about 4.2 Qts total, but to just drain and refill takes 2.6 Qts.

It sounds to me like the (C1) forward clutch pack is not getting sufficient pressure. The piston for that might have a damaged seal.

Did you get into the valve body also?
Did not get into the Valve Body. Figured since it was only the differential that grenaded on the transmission the valve body, pump, and TC were fine to use with the rebuild.
How can I tell if the others are 240E or 240L's? Is there something specific? Dropped the pan and looks like the shift solenoid on the valve body is electronically controlled but I am no transmission expert.
When I got my A240E, it had 2-4 more wires than my car's harness had. I believe the A240L should have just one more for 4th or O/D gear.
Is it bad to drive the car like this?
What will happen is that the slipping will cause the transmission to run hotter than it should, particularly if you have to climb hills. How much hotter, I don't know. How much damage this extra heat will do, I don't know.
The slipping will also cause the C1 clutch pack to wear prematurely. How fast, I don't know.

It is really a crap shoot at this point.
I put a junk yard transmission into my V6 Camry, and it was slipping from day one. I thought it would last about six months, but it lasted about four years before it finally gave up the ghost and stopped going forward.

Just try and baby it. Don't move off too hard, and try not to carry a lot of load or climb hills too often.

I have used Lucas automatic transmission treatment and it seems to help get hardened seals to become flexible again and help reduce slippage. I believe that is why my Camry's transmission lasted so long.

It is a very viscus fluid, so you need to mix it with regular transmission fluid before pouring it in, or you will be standing there for a half an hour trying to get that stuff down the filler tube.
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