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About to install TRD Springs

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Next week I am going to have the TRD springs installed. Any recommendations? Should I change the shocks with the springs. I do not know much about suspenison...
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how old are ur shocks?? is good to change them at the same will save u in labour......
I think they are pretty old. I am the 3rd owner and i do not see any records of the previous owner changing shocks. Should I buy stock shocks or do you have any recommendations? I am cheap!!!
if ur cheap then i'm the wrong person to be giving u advice....;)

any adjustables will do...tokiccos (sp?) or kyb would come to mind as reasonably priced ones...
Get coil's, springs would just give you a bouncy ride. If you have a lady in there, you don't want her head to be hitting the roof when hitting bumps or ramps on the freeway.
What would you suggest for Coilovers?
coilovers are not much better..they still have a really harsh ride....but the beauty of them is that u can adjust how soft are hard u want the ride to be..u can do this with adjustable shocks also....unless ur willing to shell out over 1500 for a set of coilovers....the avg driver will benefit more from just a basic spring/adj shock combo and u'll save urself alot more money too.....
I agree, since you said you were cheap, i am assuming you dont want to spend $1200 (the cheapest coilovers i have seen). I would get some mildly adjustable struts to put on in conjunction with your springs. This will save you time, like MRQturbo said. Drive it for a while and make your adjustments accordingly. Your springs and struts should come out to about 40% the price of coilovers.
TRD Springs was install today. The TRD springs are cool. The car rides better and not rough at all. I will be glad when I get off work. I am going to have some fun. Next I am getting Rear Strut Bar. Any experiences with TRD Rear Strut Bar?
is the trd design a cross brace like how the stock one is???....i have a set of GAB front and rear strut bars.....i prefer how those look better....
I have a stock front strut bar and the trd's front strut bar looks like it, if the pictures are accurate. But I am still doing homework on which brand Strut Bar to purchase.

TRD Front Stut Bar

TRD Rear Stut Bar
thats a good idea. go for it:thumbup:
Tokico Illuminas set on 4 or 5 all around will give a very good ride.
I say a set of Tein's full suspension coil overs, adjustables but pretty pricy... but very much worth it though
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