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Ok, I just blew one of my rod bearings in my 7MGE (MK3 supra engine) so it looks like i have to pull the engine and do a complete overhaul, so a bunch of questions need answering before i wanna start.
My car is bone stock and will be stock when it goes bacck together more or less but I want to put in parts that will stand the test of time with my abusive driving.

1. Are Federal Mogul or Clivite 77 bearings any good or would you suggest a different brand?

2. Is the CenterForce Clutch for MK3 Supra's as bad as they say? If so, what are good brands?

3. For things like heave duty Oil pumps, where would I go to get reliable merchandise?

4. Will the LSD differential from the Turbo MK3 Supra fit perfectly into the case for the NA differential

5. I got a turbo parts car minus engine/transmission and it has good shocks in the back (mine are shot) but they are the type that have the electronic sports-mode/touring-mode dealy, can i just install the shocks and not hook up the electronic suspension set-up (my car doesnt have it) and the shocks work just fine?

6. The center support bearing is shot too, would you suggest replacing the bearing or having a 1 piece driveshaft fasioned to replace the stock 2 piece?

Ill probably have a lot more questions as i start the engine removal, and all advice beyond those questions would be greatly appreicated.
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