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ABS light up after clutch repair job 96 Celica GT

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Hi everyone,

I just got my car from the repair shop for a clutch job. After the clutch job, I noticed that the ABS light lights up constantly. I also noticed that there really isn't any ABS any more.

Does anyone ever experience this before? What could have happened?

This car also had an aftermarket alarm, which the mechanic had to "disconnect" during the repair, as my car remote ran out of battery. The alarm happened to be a Clifford Intelli something.

Please help.


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Just a guess but they may have forgot to plug in the ABS at the wheel. I have no experience with the Celica ABS but I have had this happen on a Buick after a CV shaft replacement. I was able to simply plug it back in to fix it.

I can't help with the alarm. I hate those things.

Good luck!
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