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AC expansion valve and/or evaporator - 1999 Solara

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Hi Guys - Been searching far and wide, and cant seem to find a definitive answer. Has one replace the expansion valve or evaporator on a Solara?

Can it be done without removing the dash as done here on a 1996 Camry (I'm guessing the year based on signature) I've read "hints" that in 1997 this was no longer possible, but havent been able to confirm.

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It would be quite a feat to replace the valve without first removing the whole HVAC unit from behind the dash to get access to it. The how to videos I've seen always start with, "first remove the dash".
I'm looking at it right now. Got the glove box out, which is slightly different in a 99 Solara. From there you can see what needs to be done. I'm pretty sure this can be done without removing dash. it appears you can just drop the fan and fan box down by removing 4 retainers. And you dont have to remove airbag. the bolt mentioned in other thread is accessible. Hoping this is way easier than I envisioned. Parts arrive next week, so I'm just scouting out the situation right now. Will keep ya'll posted. Fingers crossed!.
OH - BTW - there is a server motor on the airbox near the defrost vents. Anyone know what this does ? I'm guessing it controls defrost, but cant tell, and toyota parts diagram doesn't help much either. It looks very similar to the one on the driver side which controls which vents air blows out of, but cant get a good look at it. the part number is the same as the hot/cold air mixture servo, which makes it even more confusing.

87106-06080 - think I found correct part number. some diagrams are wrong.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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