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So I have a 97 SR5 4ry':
AC guages are reading 0 for the low side at any temperature/humidity and the high side reads relatively normal maybe just a lil low from where it should be on the particular day.
  • The AC clutch stays constantly engaged - pretty sure thats the low pressure switch not functioning.
  • When the car is off the guages DO NOT equalize, the low side stays at 35 and the high side at 200.
  • Evacuated the system and VACUUMED the system. No change in pressure at all after letting it sit therefore no leaks in the system
But for the low side to be reading ZERO and the high side to be just under normal I'm thinking it is the EXPANSION VALVE causing restriction (but if that were the case, wouldn't the high side be noticably HIGHER than it should be?)
I've been looking for someone that has the same readings as I do with low side at ZERO and high side at a lil under normal but haven't found anyone, so I'm hesitating to get the EXPANSION VALVE.
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