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AC Question

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1993 MR2

Can anyone tell me what type of freon is used in the AC on the 93 MR2?
Mine is getting a little low and I need to fill it.

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I bought the car 3 weeks ago with no owners manual.
I will be buying one off ebay.

I know that the mandatory change was somewhere around 93 or 94 .

before i took out my AC system...i know..i'm a dumbass...:eek::

my mechanic filled it with was so cold for one summer....then it leaked all out again so i just took out my entire system when i got the t3/t4 installed.....
Unless it's been converted to R-134a, it's an R-12 system.

There are a few refrigerants that can be added alongside R-12. Freeze12 is one of them.

Beyond that, you convert it. HOWEVER, instead of going to R-134a, which BTW, worked very well in my MR2, an even better refrigerant is ES-12a, a hydrocarbon refrigerant. You can find it on
i have a 93 and mine was r12 originally.but mine has been converted over to 134a and works quite well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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