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Acceleration issues in 2nd Gear

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Hello everyone,,
I just starting feeling my Avalon pull or drag when it shifts to 2nd gear the past few days. It kind of feels like the spark plugs but I am not certain. The engine seems a bit louder in second and I only get about 2/3 acceleration for a little bit then when it shifts to 3rd if feels normal again. It seems to be worse after a cold start and after the engine warms up it gets better but never completely goes away. I only notice it in 2nd gear. It is a 2000 with 134,000 miles on it and has been great so far. I've done all regular maintenance on it myself (fluids, filters etc...) and have cleaned out the IAC valve. I am leaning towards replacing the spark plugs but wanted to know if there way anything else I could check out before taking on that frustrating job. Thanks!!!
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Clean the MAF also, use MAF cleaner only. It has a big affect on shift and acceleration quality.
I also have a 2000, XLS, the spark plugs weren’t bad to do, I didn’t pull the intake, several YouTube videos on how to, the PCV hose had to be removed and you work on the 1,3 plugs from that side, the 5 cylinder is done from the left side by the throttle boys, the fronts are a breeze.
Pull one of the front plugs. Take a picture and post it. Sliding through 1st/2nd gear shift is usually a tranny related issue. Check tranny fluid level.
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