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erics1one said:
'96 Celcia

5SFE - CT-26 Turbo with HKS Turbo Timer and HKS Super AFR Air/Fuel management system.

Other than Weak Idle my car...

Stuters, shunts, floods itself, etc. typically in low gears, at low RPMs. If I keep RPMs between 3k-4k I can normally pop it out of First and Second gear. If I let it down to low RPMs while getting outta first and second gear, it almost seems as its gonna stall itself, but never has, just a violent back and forth chug untill I rev upto high RPM (if it does come out...sometimes I'll have the clutch all the way in with the gas DOWN for 10-15sec and no change...just chug chug chug).

At first I thought it might be a vacuum issues, and replaced the MAP sensor, and checked out vacuum lines. Problem still exsists.

The reason I think its a Air/Fuel mixture problem, is because I followed this guide:

After resetting my computer's Air/Fuel mixture IT RUNS PERFECTLY FINE, for about 12-18 hours. And then goes back to its origional problem.

Does this limit my problems to tuning my HKS AFR on a Dyno? It was installed in California, and I live in Arizona, so I know I should get it tuned anyway. But should that controller alone cause such a bad problem?

Any help would be appricated.

Correct me if Im wrong but doesnt the celis in Cali come with an extra cat, for emission purposes. Maybe the guys who installed(in Cali) setup the car as if it were to be driven in cali. The Air/fuel controller may not be setup correctly, thus giving you either not enough/too much air or fuel. Sounds like when its reset its ok. Try getting it tuned by a reputable shop. Best of luck.

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It sounds like you're running in limp mode... cause by a bad O2... try replacing that and hopefully it'll fix your problem.
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